air suspension solenoid valve block

How do air spring valve blocks work?

What does an air suspension solenoid valve block do? Valve-block-for-air-compressor-Audi Q7 Air suspension uses valves or valve blocks to control the air flow in a circuit or receiver. Air spring suspension solenoid valve blocks are responsible for distributing air from the compressor to air suspension struts or air springs. Over time its O-rings can dry rot, causing damage to the compressor via air leaks and overworking, along with moisture damage to the electrical solenoid components. Solenoid Valve Block for BMW 7 G11 G12 [...]

W211 Air Spring fix kits dashpot line harness

Mercedes Benz E350 air suspension faults and troubleshooting

Mercedes Benz E350 air suspension faults and troubleshooting Fault overview: A 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 executive sedan car with a mileage of about 118,000 kilometers. The car’s instrumentation often appears in the car’s suspension lift system alarm. Eletronic Valve on air spring suspension for air spring suspension 2193201113 2113203138 repair Kits for Mercedes Benz W211 Troubleshooting: Start the vehicle for a road test, and no fault alarm is found after the vehicle has driven for a certain distance. After parking, repeatedly press the suspension system [...]

Air Suspension Repair Kits rubber bladder clamps buffer damper aluminum cover copper air valve fitting dust cover boot strut mount seal rings shock core top head induction cable suspension air pump service parts head cover plastic parts valve blocks

To our valued customers

Dear valued customers, Due to continuous product updates and our limited manpower, we might be unable to update our products on the website and in the product catalog in time. We are currently dealing in air spring suspension, shock absorbers, air compressor pumps and their repair parts commonly used in the market. We just didn’t have time to update. However, we will continue to update new products. Our efforts to serve our customers never stop. We will be with our customers [...]


W222 air suspension diagnose and repair

The solution to the abnormal noise in the front axle air suspension shock absorber area of ​​the Mercedes-Benz S600 W222 Involved models: Model 222, with air suspension system (AIRMATIC) / code 489 full-time four-wheel drive (4MATIC) Fault description: When driving on uneven roads and turning, the area of ​​the front axle air suspension damping column makes a creaking sound. At present, this phenomenon only occurs on the corresponding outer wheels. Air Suspension Compressor pump for Mercedes Benz S-Class W222 (w AIRMATIC w [...]

Adaptive Dampening System

Fake ADS or real ones restored in your air suspension

Non-original analogs of air suspension parts or original ones restored using factory technology. ⠀ What to choose – let’s figure it out: The bearing parts of the original air bellows are made of high quality metal and correspond to the seat. These cylinders do not knock or creak. ADS, Adaptive Dampening System Rubber sleeve and other air suspension repair kits are made of expensive materials with a long service life. The ADS(Adaptive Dampening System) block of the “originals” allows you to ride in sports modes, comfort [...]

kaibintech company in travel

Kaibintech’s happy time

On the International Labor Day, in order to relieve employees’ work pressure and enrich their amateur cultural life, KAIBINTECH (KAIBIN RUBBER INDUCTRY CO., LTD) organized a 5-day tour to Sichuan-Tibet-Qinghai on May 1. The company leaders attached great importance to this tourism activity, and gave attention and guidance from itinerary selection, time arrangement, material allocation to personnel. KAIBINTECH team At 7 o’clock in the morning on May 1st, we took the plane arranged by the company and departed from Guiyang. Along [...]

airmatic suspension bag for Mercedes Benz W213 X253 W257

Самая популярная пневмоподвеска на российском рынке

Самая популярная пневмоподвеска на российском рынке shock absorber for Mercedes Maybach 57 62 2002-2013 Left Right Front air suspension Air Suspension Compressor Pump Repair Kits Cylinder and connecting rod with seal ring for W220 W211 A6 C5 A6 C6 A8 Q7 Cayenne Jaguar XJ Согласно отчету об анализе рынка,Вот модели самых продаваемых в России пневмоподвески и амортизаторов: Пневмобаллон зад подвески L/R MB W164/166 ML350/GL350/ML500/ML550 4MATIC 05-11 Пневмобаллон зад подвески L/R BMW X5/X6 E70/E71/E72 Пневмобаллон перед. подвески L/R MB ML/GL-Class W164 ML350, ML500 -05-12 Пневмобаллон зад подвески [...]

shock absorber for Mercedes Maybach 57 62 2002-2013 Left Right Front air suspension

How to repair and maintain automobile shock absorbers

How to repair and maintain automobile shock absorbers? In order to quickly attenuate the vibration of the frame and the body, and improve the ride comfort and comfort of the car, the car suspension system is generally equipped with shock absorbers. At present, the two-way-acting cylinder shock absorber is widely used in automobiles. The shock absorber is a vulnerable part during the use of the car. The working quality of the shock absorber will directly affect the smoothness of the car [...]

Solenoid Valve Block for BMW 7 G11 G12 Air Spring Compressor

How the suspension works

How the suspension works, how it has evolved over the years, and where the design of suspension will go in the future. When people think about car performance, words like zero horsepower, torque and acceleration from zero to one hundred usually come to mind. But if the driver can not control the car, all the power generated by the engine is useless. For this reason, automotive engineers have turned their attention to the suspension almost as soon as they acquired [...]

Range Rover P38 Air Spring Suspension Compressor Pump

Air springs not a simple parts

Air springs not a simple parts but a complex suspension system Pneumatic springs – The pneumatic spring, which consists of an air cylinder chamber, is located between the wheel and the car body, and uses air compression properties to prevent wheel vibrations. Its design is more than a century old and can be found in horse-drawn carriages. Air springs at that time were made of air bags full of air, very similar to airbags; In 1930, leather-molded air springs replaced these bags. Given [...]

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