• Fractional Horsepower V-belts

    The 4L and 5L sections were dimensionally similar to A and B classical belts and can operate interchangeably on A and B sheaves. However, 4L and 5L belts have a lower power rating than classical A and B section belts. The 4L and 5L were originally termed FA (fractional A) and FB (fractional B), and 3L was formerly called FO.

  • J Section Multi-Rib V-Belts

    J Section Multi-Rib V-Belt is a power transmission V-belt for drives with a small diameter sheave. It is made of CR(Chloroprene rubber) or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber for resistance to weathering, oils, water, and some solvents. It has a truncated profile for increased flexibility and reduced heat buildup on high-speed drives with small diameter sheaves. It has fiber-reinforced ribs for resistance to wear and is smooth running for minimal vibration at high speeds. This V-belt is with oil and heat resistance standards and static conductivity requirements and is suitable for use with applications such as appliances, outdoor power equipment, roller conveyors, machine tools, medical equipment, and exercise equipment.

  • Mud Pump Drive Belt

    Horsepower requirements on mud pumps dictate multi-belt drives. When using high capacity drive belts, care must be taken to match the belts exactly.We recommend purchasing matched sets of belts and replacing the entire set at one time.

  • Timing belt 121ZA18

    Kaibintech 121ZA18 Black Rubber Trapezoidal Tooth Automobile Timing Belt for VW Jetta.

  • Colored V-Belt

  • Raw Edge Cogged v-belt

    Kaibintech cogged v-belt’s applications
    specially designed to drive fans, water pumps and other accessory parts in automobile engines.
    Different grooves can be profiled according to different Standard which OEM customers follow.
    Suitable for all Vehicle, particularly in different engines. Such as Automotive Engines, Diesel Engine, etc.


  • Raw Edge Laminated v-belt

    Kaibintech laminated belt is the workhorse of the heavy-duty industry and is designed to deliver extended life in the most-demanding diesel applications. Polyester cords within the belt provide maximum power transfer and tension-holding capability for the life of the belt. The laminated construction in the Kaibintech laminated belt helps absorb greater shock loads associated with diesel engines.

  • Cogged Banded v-belt

    Kaibintech banded v-belt is ideal for heavy power transmission applications with vertical running shafts and large center distances. It can withstand impact loads.  Cogged construction, cushion compound cord layer, and fiber core give banded v-belt superior performance and durability characteristics.

  • Variable Speed Belt

    • Performance : Capable of transferring heavy loads.

    • Extended Life : Low-stretch fiberglass cords resist stretching and specialized abrasion-resistant bonded fabric cover for longer belt life.

    • Temperature Range : Increased ranges from -40 to 212°F.

    • Increased Flex Range : Capable of running on smaller sheaves than conventional variable speed belts.

  • V-ribbed belt

    Kaibintech ribbed belt’s construction

    Top Fabric
    Flexible, bias cut fabric is impregnated with oil and heat resistant rubber to eliminate wear and cracking.

    Insulation Rubber
    Cords are encloses in an oil and heat resistant rubber compound with strong adhesive qualities for maximum cord support and long life.

    Tensile Cords
    High tensile strength aramid or pre-stretched polyester cords insure high horsepower capacity and constant belt tension on spring tension systems and locked center drives.

    Rib Rubber
    Rib rubber is reinforced with fiber chips and heat resistant rubber compound for wear resistance and reduced noise. Kaibintech ribbed belt is mainly made of CR or EPDM.

  • Teeth wedge belt

    A belt one side with teeth, the other side with multi rib. It is a drive belt for flour milling machine, Dishwasher, Sterilizer, Motorcycle, Packaging Machinery, Mining Equipment, Sander, Dryer, Annealing Furnace, inkjet printing machine, Food Machinery, Conveyor, Bonding Machine, etc.

  • Double side ribbed belt

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