Raw Edge V-belt

  • Raw Edge Cogged v-belt

    Kaibintech cogged v-belt’s applications
    specially designed to drive fans, water pumps and other accessory parts in automobile engines.
    Different grooves can be profiled according to different Standard which OEM customers follow.
    Suitable for all Vehicle, particularly in different engines. Such as Automotive Engines, Diesel Engine, etc.


  • Raw Edge Laminated v-belt

    Kaibintech laminated belt is the workhorse of the heavy-duty industry and is designed to deliver extended life in the most-demanding diesel applications. Polyester cords within the belt provide maximum power transfer and tension-holding capability for the life of the belt. The laminated construction in the Kaibintech laminated belt helps absorb greater shock loads associated with diesel engines.

  • Cogged Banded v-belt

    Kaibintech banded v-belt is ideal for heavy power transmission applications with vertical running shafts and large center distances. It can withstand impact loads.  Cogged construction, cushion compound cord layer, and fiber core give banded v-belt superior performance and durability characteristics.

  • Variable Speed Belt

    • Performance : Capable of transferring heavy loads.

    • Extended Life : Low-stretch fiberglass cords resist stretching and specialized abrasion-resistant bonded fabric cover for longer belt life.

    • Temperature Range : Increased ranges from -40 to 212°F.

    • Increased Flex Range : Capable of running on smaller sheaves than conventional variable speed belts.

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