Mud Pump Drive Belt

Horsepower requirements on mud pumps dictate multi-belt drives. When using high capacity drive belts, care must be taken to match the belts exactly.We recommend purchasing matched sets of belts and replacing the entire set at one time.

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Product Description

Kaibintech mud pumps drive belt is normally heavy-duty V-belt. Heavy-duty industrial V-belts include the classical cross-sections (A, B, C, D and E) and the narrow cross-sections (3V, 5V and 8V). Heavy-duty industrial V-belts typically use aramid fiber tensile cords, which provide greater tensile strength, minimize elongation and deliver higher power capacity. Fiberglass and nylon are found in light duty V-belts and synchronous belts.

Some sizes for example:

3NB-500F 4L-8V-3810 F-1000 GB1171-74
4ZV25J-9000 4L-8V-3100 4L-8V-3350 C-2700
4ZV25J-7620 4ZV25J-8000 4ZV25J-8500 C-1950
4ZV25J-6730 4ZV25J-7100 4ZV25J-7200 C-1626
4ZV25J-3100 4ZV25J-3810 4ZV25J-4820 B-1650
5ZV-15J-4060 5ZV-15J-7100 5ZV-15J-6900 B-787
5ZV-15J-3810 5ZV-15J-6350 5ZV-15J-6730 B-1168
5ZV-15J-3550 5ZV-15J-8000 5ZV-15J-5690 B-1549
5ZV-15J-2500 5ZV-15J-4000 5ZV-15J-4500 A-1473
4L-8V-9000 5ZV25J-3810 5ZV25J-6730 A-2240
5ZV-25J-3550 5ZV-25J-8000 5ZV-25J-5690 A-3550
5ZV-25J-2500 5ZV-25J-4000 5ZV-25J-4500 C-4000
5ZV25J-7100 5ZV25J-7620 5ZV25J-8000 C-4000
4L-SPB-4100 4L-SPB-4800 4L-SPB-7300 C-4500
5V5-7100 5V5-6900 5V5-3810 D-6700
5V5-5690 5ZV25J-9000 A3150 D-5600

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