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Regardless of whether the car owner needed the air suspension repair (full or partial), the most appropriate solution would be to seek the help of experienced and highly qualified craftsmen with access to the equipped room and all the necessary materials. To get a quick, inexpensive and high-quality repair, the driver can use our online platform: you just need to apply for the required auto services and choose the right specialist.

نظام التعليق الهوائي (تبختر الهواء ، زنبرك الهواء)

نظام التعليق الهوائي (تبختر الهواء ، زنبرك الهواء)

Complete repair of the air suspension is a difficult operation, which can cost a motorist a considerable amount. To protect yourself from significant costs, you must:

regularly carry out preventive and diagnostic measures aimed at:
increase the resource of pneumatic system components;
timely detection of malfunctions of the pneumatic system;
eliminate minor breakdowns of the pneumatic system immediately upon their discovery and with the greatest possible speed, in order to exclude the adverse effect of a single malfunction on the state of the entire system.

Air suspension change

Next, we briefly consider issues related to:

the concept of air suspension;
the most common system failures;
delivery of a car with a faulty air suspension for repair.
Air suspension repair
Air suspension – this is the suspension of the car, which allows you to adjust the height of the ride height. Adjustment can occur in automatic mode, but can be performed in a forced manner, but in both cases this action will not require the use of physical force from a person.

The very presence of this option allows you to significantly increase the level of road comfort: the car owner has both a sports car with a low landing and a real SUV with high ground clearance. The air suspension reacts extremely quickly to changes in loads during movement, and its modern modifications allow you to adjust the system settings in full accordance with the preferences of the car owner.

Air suspension removal and installation

Like other components and mechanisms, over time, the pneumatic system may partially or completely lose its performance. In this case, a quality repair of the air suspension should become a solution to the problem

Usually, pneumatic cylinders are the first to cease to cope with their functions: their declared resource can be from one hundred to one hundred and fifty thousand kilometers, however, in the realities of Russian roads, problems often arise much more often.

If the breakdowns of the pneumocylinders are not timely eliminated, the pneumocompressor that constantly restarts to replenish the air leaking from the system also fails. As a result, accelerated wear of the piston group with subsequent failure of the system.

Air spring suspension مجموعات إصلاح تعليق هوائي shock absorber strut-airmatic strut repair kits

Air spring suspension مجموعات إصلاح تعليق هوائي shock absorber strut airmatic strut repair kits

Drivers are much less likely to experience breakdowns:

height sensors;
valve blocks;
control units;
other elements of the system.
If the driver is faced with a malfunction, he needs to repair the air suspension and wants to deliver the vehicle to the car repair service on his own, then he should only worry about the potential consequences if the suspension breakdown has been completely ignored for a long time. With the timely detection of a problem, it is permissible to move on its own: the pneumatic system has special polyurethane chippers that can protect the car from falling on the road surface.

Air suspension repair and replacement

If the driver went to a car service in order to get a professional repair of the air suspension of a car lying on the chippers, then the correct decision would be to turn off the air compressor

air suspension system

air suspension system

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