Common causes of problem troubles and treatments of shock absorbers

The common causes and treatments of shock absorbers’s failure problem troubles

The shock absorber is a fragile accessory during the use of the automobile. The shock absorber is mainly used to suppress the shock when the spring rebounds and the shock from the road surface. The shock absorber is used to buffer the vibration from the ground and improve the comfort. The following describes are the common causes of problem troubles and treatments of shock absorbers.

1. The loosening nut loosens the abnormal sound
The cause of the failure: the locking structure of the lock nut is a one-time design, and the locking effect will be lost if the assembly and disassembly are repeated. At the same time, improper assembly and disassembly will also damage the locking structure of the locknut, causing loose noise and abnormal noise.
Remedy: Replace the new damper with a new lock nut and tighten the locknut with a special tool.

2, damage to the ear / improper assembly noise
Cause of the malfunction: The shock absorber lug is loosely deformed due to improper installation or overload of the vehicle, resulting in abnormal noise.
Remedy: Use special tools to securely lock the lifting lug bolts. Do not overload the vehicle and slow down when driving in bad road conditions.

3, piston rod wear / damage oil leakage
The cause of the failure: the working face of the piston rod is the area where the damper works most frequently during the running of the vehicle. If the piston rod is bumped or the position is deviated during the installation process, and the dirt/sand accumulation in the oil seal is excessive, it will lead to The working surface of the connecting rod is excessively worn or unilaterally worn, resulting in oil leakage.
Remedy: Use special tools to regulate installation, slow down when over-speed belt / squatting road.

4, the dust jacket / cover damage and oil leakage
The cause of the failure: the dust jacket and the cover are damaged due to wear or external impact, resulting in foreign matter such as sand entering the piston rod working area and the oil seal lip causing oil leakage.
Response measures: Check the accessory parts every 20,000 km and replace them after damage.

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