How does a air suspension crimping machine work?

How to crimp an air spring (shock absorber) rubber sleeve with steel crimping rings with a hydraulic crimping machine?

1). Working principle of air suspension shock absorber crimping machine

The oil pump is installed in the oil tank and immersed in the hydraulic oil to achieve the purpose of scientific heat dissipation and mute design. The oil pump is driven by the motor to output hydraulic oil and push the plunger in the withholding cylinder to move, causing the mold base to shrink radially, realizing the mold to the rubber sleeve joint Squeeze of the jacket. When the shrinkage reaches the predetermined value of the micrometer, the extrusion stops automatically. After the electromagnetic reversing valve reverses, the plunger in the cylinder moves in the opposite direction, the mold opens, and the rubber bladder is withheld.

2). Installation and debugging of the air shock absorber crimping machine

Handling: The crimping equipment is suitable to be transported by a forklift, and the bottom of the crimping machine is stressed. The crimping machine is strictly prohibited to be inverted. It is strictly forbidden to lift or buckle the crimping machine head, motor or electrical box parts.
Installation: The air spring crimping machine must be placed horizontally on a stable foundation and grounded.
Oil filling: Open the oil tank cover and add 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil to the 2/3 position of the oil level gauge.
Electricity connection: Connect the power to the power supply specified by the crimping machine, start the motor and observe the direction of rotation. The direction of the motor should be consistent with the direction marked by the motor. If electricity the direction of the machine is inconsistent with the direction marked, please change the position of two of the power cords.
Micrometer: used to adjust the shrinkage of the crimped rubber tube, press it in 1mm more counterclockwise, and press it in less 1mm clockwise.
Pressure adjustment: The maximum pressure of the crimping machine system is 25Mpa, which is adjusted by the overflow valve. The clockwise adjustment pressure increases, and the counterclockwise adjustment pressure decreases
(It has been adjusted at the air suspension crimping machine manufacturer, you can adjust it yourself if necessary).
Mold opening speed adjustment: the speed of mold opening is controlled by the diverter valve, clockwise adjustment, opening speed is accelerated, counterclockwise adjustment,
The opening speed slows down, but too fast opening speed will increase the noise, the maximum value is not more than 25Mpa (it has been adjusted at the shock absorber factory, you can adjust it if necessary).

3), Crimping operation

1. When the crimping machine is used for the first time, it should be crimped 20 to 30 times without load, and it can be used after observing that all parts are normal.
2. The crimping machine should be crimped 20 to 30 times without load when used in winter to increase the oil temperature.
3. Press the open button, after the mold base is opened, select the corresponding mold to install on the mold base according to the specifications of the rubber sleeve to be crimped, and adjust the micrometer scale.
4. Place the rubber sleeve with the steel crimping rings in the proper position in the crimping machine head so that the entire length is crimped at one time.
5. Press the crimping button to execute crimping operation until the crimping head stops crimping and automatically opening the mold.
6. Take out the crimped rubber bladder assembly, use a vernier caliper to detect the outer diameter of the crimped joint jacket, if it does not match the parameter requirement, fine-tune the micrometer in the computer screen.

Scale until the next rubber sleeve crimping meets the requirements.

air suspension crimping machine air spring hydrulic hose crimper shock absorber rubber hose rubber sleeve crimping equipment

air suspension crimping machine air spring hydrulic hose crimper shock absorber rubber hose rubber sleeve crimping equipment

4), Technical Data and Discription of Kaibintech crimping machine

Crimping force: 30-40T

maximum pressure: 25Mpa

Crimping range: 30-175 mm

Max opening: 175mm

Acurracy: 0.05mm

Standard dies sets: 17 sets Optional

Voltage:220 v/380 v /415v (accept customization)

Power: 4KW

Hydraulic oil: Mobil L-HM46 L-HM48

Operate mode: button way, foot pedal

Crimping way: transverse withhold

Weight: 380 kgs

Packing Dimension: 75*85*145cm, 80*65*120cm, 85*80*150cm

HS Code: 84778000

Delivery time: 1-5 days

Advantage: 1.OEM supplier. 2.Factory prices & Large stocks. 3.Fast delivery. 4.Attentive after-sale service.

5), Air Suspension Crimping Machine Application:

For Mercedes-Benz BMW Audi Porsche Cayenne VW Touareg Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost Ford Expedition Lincoln Navigator Land Rover LEXUS HYUNDAI JAGUAR GMC Yukon Jeep Nissan Air Suspension Air Spring Strut Air Shock Absorber.

air suspension crimping machine crimping tools crimping dies for rubber air shock strut

air suspension crimping machine crimping tools crimping dies for rubber air shock strut

6), Installation Requirements of Steel Crimping Rings:

1. The construtcion section of the steel crimping rings should be flat and the cut should be deburred.
2. Maintain the coaxiality between the steel clamps rings and the rubber sleeve. The pre-tightening force should not be too large.
3. The blade plug should be completely embedded in the clamps ring scaffold crimping rings to avoid the steel rings from the side force. The steel ring is a new type of crimping ring connection element.

The above is a detailed introduction of the working principle of the air suspension shock absorber crimping machine. For more details of the manufacturer, price, model, picture, origin, brand and other information of the crimping machine, you can contact Kaibintech at sales(@) or WhatsApp/Wechat/Telegram/Viber: +86-18285110463. Thank you.


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