How to know if air spring are worn?

How to know if air suspension are worn?

It is interesting to know that the possible defects of the air shock suspension affect some other parts such as the suspension spring, steering box, differential, wheel tires, wheel bearings, rubber suspension bushes, gearbox, suspension system and set of steering tubes. And causes them to wear out. Therefore, and considering the high importance of this part of the car, the following points deserve attention and attention:

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If the shock absorber is leaking, ie the oil is visibly dripping from it, it must be replaced.
Going up and down the car – especially on rough roads – or diving into heavy brakes may be due to the air suspension failing.

If the car turns too much on the head in such a way that the driver feels it is difficult to control the car, the shock absorber may be damaged.
Going up or so-called dancing wheels on the road may be due to improper operation of auto air suspension.
If the bushes where the shock absorber is installed are cracked or deformed, a kind of noise will occur in the suspension system, especially when accelerating, braking or crossing the roughness of the road surface, and for this reason, the bushes should be replaced as soon as possible. Take action, otherwise the safety of the car will be severely reduced.

اخصائي معاونات هيدروليك أطقم إصلاح موقع الجملة

اخصائي معاونات هيدروليك أطقم إصلاح موقع الجملة

Loading the car more than its capacity is an important factor in weakening the air suspension system, including the air spring, and this process is intensified especially when the car is moving on suspension bumps. In addition, if the speed is not commensurate with the road and cargo, worse events such as broken connections may be waiting for you.

If your car is pulled to one side, the suspension system probably includes tires, springs and air suspension strut and should be inspected by experienced people.

Worn and chewed tires indicate a defect in the shock absorber, especially in the air suspension and must be sensitive to it.

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