air spring repair kits replacing components

Pneumatic suspension shock absorbers

We supply rubber air bellows and other air spring replacing components for auto repair shop As the owner of air spring repair shop a pneumatic suspension or air suspension, are you usually facing the problem of air spring repair kits replacing defective auto parts? namely air strut or shock absorbers, pneumatic cylinders suspension. As we know, repair, rather than the purchase of replaceable suspension elements, reduces costs by more than 50% while preserving the quality of the new element. We manufacture and [...]

air spring failure modes and effects analysis

Air spring failure modes and effects analysis

When does the airbag fail and its air spring failure analysis If the pneumatic cylinder suspension has lost its tightness, then it can already be assumed that it will be necessary to replace the air strut. It would seem, the air spring failed, and already broken? Repair? on other elements of air suspension. Ultimately, the increased load caused by a fracture balloon not eliminated in time leads to the failure of the air compressor. Repair is generally not the cheapest [...]

Kaibintech пневмобаллона-рукава железное кольцо

Kaibintech пневмобаллоны пневмобаллона рукава дилеров

Kaibintech пневмобаллоны пневмобаллона рукава дилеров Надоело менять пневмопдушки как перчатки? Тогда Вам к профессионалам – мы производство Пневмоподушки пневмобаллона рукава усиленными комплектующими. Ресурс отреставрированных подушек превышает 200тыс км при стоимости работ, не превышающей стоимость бу или Турция пневмоподушек. По-настоящему качественная услуга за адекватную цену. И у нас действительно выгодно. Kaibintech пневмобаллона-рукава железное кольцо Наш офис находится по адресу: Гуйян, Гуйчжоу, Китай. Whatsapp/Viber: 8618285110463 Традиционно пневмостойки не ремонтируют, а заменяют целиком. Поэтому мы производить пневмостойки пневмобаллоны, производя производить износившегося пневмобаллона, что позволяет сильно сократить ваши [...]


Chinese lunar year affect delivery exception

Chinese lunar year affect delivery exception Dear all valued customers, Kindly be advised that there is only about a month for you to arrange your purchasing order before our New Year holiday. Because all workers start go back their home town since January 12 next month(see the calendar), the factories will stop production, the logistics shipping companies and banks will close their business in that time. Following are delivery time about our products: Wrapped v belt, timing belt, PK belts: about a month. [...]

Kaibintech пневмобаллона рукава, пневмобаллоны, пневмобаллоны

Поиск дистрибьютора в России

Мы ищем дистрибьюторов подвески пневматической рессоры в России и Казахстане. Kaibintech пневмобаллона рукава, пневмобаллоны, пневмобаллоны, пневмостойки, пневмоамортизаторы и пневмоподвески автомобилей Мерседес, Ауди, БМВ, Фольксваген, Ягуар, Порше, Бентли, Майбах и других. пневмобаллонов, пневмостоек, пневмоподвески, пневмоподушек, пневмостоек, пневмоамортизаторов, замена пневмо элементов пневмоподвески автомобилей AUDI (ALLROAD, A-8, Q-7, A-6) ; VW (TOUAREG, PHAETON), BMW (Е53, Е70, Е66) ; MERCEDES (W-220, 221, 211, GL, ML, CLS, R) ; RANGER ROVER, TOYOTA; LEXUS и других. – MERCEDES-BENZ следующих моделей: W220(S-Class), W221(S-Class), W211(E-Class), W219(CLS), W164/X164(ML/GL), W251(R-Class). – AUDI [...]

Kaibintech rubber sleeve bladder for air spring

Kaibintech rubber sleeve bladder

Kaibintech rubber sleeve bladder for air spring suspension strut air spring shock absorber repair kit The rubber sleeve that we produce is made according to the most advanced technology and is not inferior in its parameters, even surpasses the standard of the VAG. Kaibintech rubber bladder is made of high quality rubber grades with a high quality of chloroprene rubber. Rubber bladders are used for the manufacture of air suspension strut. Kaibinch rubber sleeves consists of three layers of rubber [...]

Kaibintech rubber sleeve bladder with clamps rings

The rubber bladder of the air spring depends on a crimp ring

The entire service life of the rubber sleeve bladder of the air spring suspension depends on a crimp ring One of the most important parts of the air spring suspension strut is the crimp rings. Kaibintech’s crimp rings are made of seamless pipe and are galvanically processed to prevent rust to the clamps ring. Although the crimp rings are abundantly watered in rainy season, the roads are sometimes capable of corroding even galvanized parts. It is the matter of time. The [...]


Why do we need air suspension?

significant advantages of air suspension Everyone will answer this question in different ways, for someone it’s a style or a show off, for someone it’s comfort, and someone wants to add capacity to his car. Everyone understands the first and third, but very few people know about comfort, but it’s more expensive than the cost of the controller and body position sensors. Air suspension has some significant advantages over traditional coil or leaf spring suspension on car, trucks and trailers. It is a system of rubber and [...]

Air suspension of the car is a kind of suspension with which it is possible to adjust the clearance (height of the body relative to the roadway).


Air suspension of the car is a kind of suspension with which it is possible to adjust the clearance (height of the body relative to the roadway). Currently, air suspension is quite widely used on trucks and semi-trailers. Passenger cars are also equipped with air suspension, but this applies to a greater degree of business class cars. In the air suspension, pneumatic stubs on each wheel are used as elastic elements. It is worth noting that air suspension is [...]

cogged v-belt, REC

Kaibintech new design cogged v-belt

Cogged v-belts are like standard v-belts. The main difference is the cogs that are cut into the belt. To many applications these “cogs” are vital to ensuring the long life of your belt. A cogged belt wraps around a small pulley much easier than a standard belt. Cogged belts are also very good at dissipating heat. Kaibintech new design gives extra flexibility to reduce heat build-up and provide long belt life, especially on small pulleys. Strong tensile cord is engineered [...]

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