Pneumatic suspension shock absorbers

We supply rubber air bellows and other air spring replacing components for auto repair shop

As the owner of air spring repair shop a pneumatic suspension or air suspension, are you usually facing the problem of air spring repair kits replacing defective auto parts? namely air strut or shock absorbers, pneumatic cylinders suspension.

As we know, repair, rather than the purchase of replaceable suspension elements, reduces costs by more than 50% while preserving the quality of the new element.

We manufacture and supply rubber sleeve bladder and other repair kits for air suspension system and we can offer air bellows for installation and urgent air spring repairs.

Air bellows pneumatic air suspension are an integral part of the air suspension shock absorber of a modern luxury car. Air spring suspension provides distinctive driving comfort and makes it possible to change the vehicle’s clearance.

Normally, malfunctioning symptoms of the air strut: Unusual “noise” from under the wheels, the car “falls.”

If such case are present, it is necessary to urgently check the air suspension for the car owner. In case of untimely handling, a rupture of the pneumatic air bag is possible, even out of control problems of the vehicle.

For the pneumatic cylinders rebuild, we supply time-tested and reinforced rubber sleeves that is suitable for use in different weather even in hot summer in South Africa and cold winter in Russia.

air spring repair kits replacing components

air spring repair kits replacing components

We not produce rubber sleeve but also supply whole range of air spring repair kits replacing components for replacement to our customers such as high-quality crimp rings, dust cover, Rubber Isolator and cap, internal dampers, inside buffer, copper valve, control blocks, piston, shock Core, Plastic head, aluminum covers, clamps, rubber bushing mounts, crimping machine equipment …
Warranty is 12 months.

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