Convoluted type

  • Convoluted Rubber bellow 2B-550

    This convoluted type are popular in South-american countries like Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela and other American market.

  • AIR LIFT 5813

    1st matching pair of bags, airlift branded 5813 on the bag, 30137 stamped on end cap, one has a label on top with 58400, the other has a mounting plate of some sort.

  • Double Convoluted Air Spring 2B12-346

    Kaibintech Double Convoluted Airbag provide excellent vehicle stability, It is also ideal for use as actuators and isolators in industrial applications.

  • Mitsubishi Fuso air spring

    Front wheel Air Spring for Mitsubishi Fuso 320, Part number: 03362-33000, mitsubishi fuso bus parts.

    Mitsubishi air spring, FUSO air suspension, Fuso rubber bellow, 2B5371

    Hino: 03362-33000, Mitsubishi 03362-33000, Boot(Air Absorber),

    APPLICATION : FUSO, FUSO320/bus air spring, Air Cushion, Model No : MS713 , MS715

  • Triple Convoluted Air Spring

    • Kaibintech  Triple Convoluted Air Springs provide long, trouble free service, constant level hauling, quiet cushioned ride
    • Kaibintech  Triple Convoluted Air Springs is with long lasting service on almost all truck and trailer air suspensions
    • Kaibintech  Triple Convoluted Air Springs is for absorb road shock to help tractors and rigs last longer
    • Kaibintech  Triple Convoluted Air Springs cut down on vibration and driver fatigue
  • Double bellow air spring suspension 2B-352

  • Double Bellow Air Spring

    Kaibintech Air Springs give your trucks, trailers, buses and industrial machines a new high in productivity and long life. The Bellow Air Springs provide constant-level hauling, and deliver trouble-free service.

    Kaibintech air bags protect cargo, and provide level hauling and long term service. The bellow air springs offer a quiet , cushioned ride, and they last longer than steel springs because there is less vibration. The driver rides in greater comfort, becomes less fatigued and stays more alert.. Plus cargo has better protection from shock and vibration.

    Kaibintech Air Springs 554797C1 8003-005 7146 S-13046 AR-1520 AB7146 AS7146 AFR-1520 AB-2B14-355 90557039 CS214355 4342 1003587146C 10-97146 E-FS7146 SC2017 8003-005 10-97146 E-FS7146 AB-2B14-355 SC2017 554797C1 90557039 AR-1520 1003587146C AB7146 S-13046

  • single convoluted air spring 1B550

    Kaibin Rubber supply China best quality single convoluted air spring with crimped plates with attractive price. Goodyear reference is 1B550.


    The convoluted type air springs have one, two, or three convolutions in the flexible member. This is a convoluted type Goodyear air spring. This double convoluted air bag is typically found on lift springs or axles for trucks and trailers, as an air ride spring, and also as an actuator or insulator on industrial and commercial applications. The specifications will vary on your 2B6-535, but double convoluted air springs are found in crimped design as well as sleeve type bellows. They will offer similar characteristics and functionality but the sleeve type has the end retainers permanently attached by pinching the flexmember between the end retainers and external crimp rings.

  • 3B12-304

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