Air Spring


    The convoluted type air springs have one, two, or three convolutions in the flexible member. This is a convoluted type Goodyear air spring. This double convoluted air bag is typically found on lift springs or axles for trucks and trailers, as an air ride spring, and also as an actuator or insulator on industrial and commercial applications. The specifications will vary on your 2B6-535, but double convoluted air springs are found in crimped design as well as sleeve type bellows. They will offer similar characteristics and functionality but the sleeve type has the end retainers permanently attached by pinching the flexmember between the end retainers and external crimp rings.

  • Air Spring W01-358-9781 for Frightliner

    Extended Height:23.00
    Compressed Height: 8.75
    Top Plate Number:3191
    Top Plate Width:9.00
    Piston Number:9607
    Piston Width:10.62

  • Kaibintech Rolling Lobe Air Spring 769N

    Material: rubber
    Weight: 1.6kg
    Design height: 265mm
    Working stroke: 195mm
    Measurement d max: 255mm
    Space required: 275mm
    Deflection(Height min): 175mm
    Deflection(Height max): 370mm
  • 810 MB

  • 4183

  • Audi Air Suspension Spring

    Kaibintech Air Suspension Spring for Audi A6/6S 4G, Audi A6 Allroad 4G and Audi A7/S7 4G.

  • BMW Air Suspension Strut

    Kaibintech’s new Right Rear air strut for the 2001-2008 BMW 7-Series E65 & E66 chassis and Electronic Damping Control (EDC) features a heavy-duty Kaibintech air spring bladder and a shock designed for the 7-Series to provide ride quality and stability.

  • 3B12-304

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