Cogged Banded v-belt

Kaibintech banded v-belt is ideal for heavy power transmission applications with vertical running shafts and large center distances. It can withstand impact loads.  Cogged construction, cushion compound cord layer, and fiber core give banded v-belt superior performance and durability characteristics.

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Kaibintech banded v-belt has high performance, 20% improved performance over standard raw edged cogged v-belts.

Kaibintech banded v-belt has greater efficiency, low-stretch cords resist stretching for improved efficiency and less maintenance.
Kaibintech banded v-belt increased operational range from -20 to 194°F.
Kaibintech banded v-belt always meets or exceeds tolerances for matched-sets, regardless of date manufactured.

Kaibintech part number examples:


3 = 3 Ribs      BX = Profile Section      68 = 68 in. Inside Length


2 = 2 Ribs      AVX13 = Profile Section      1960La = 1960mm Outside Length

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