Benz Air Suspension Shock Strut

Mercedes Benz Airmatic Strut Right Front 4Matic W220, OE number: A 2203202238
Fits for 4MATIC vehicles WITHOUT ABC (Active Body Control)
High quality aftermarket air strut assembly that fits the front right of the vehicle. We recommend replacing struts in pairs to achieve balanced performance.

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Mercedes OEM Part Number: 2203202238
Fits following vehicles: 2003-2006 Mercedes-Benz S430 – S500 (FRONT RIGHT)
(Only for 4 Matic Models)
W 220 Air Suspension Shock Front 4 Matic
Front Left Air Suspension Shock A2203202138
Front Right Air Suspension Shock A2203202238
Front Inside Rubber A2203202138 / A2203202238
W 220 ABC Strut Shock
Front Left Air Suspension Shock A2203208313
Front Right Air Suspension Shock A2203208413
Rear Left Air Suspension Shock A2203209113
Rear Right Air Suspension Shock A2203209213
Front Dust Cover A2203270292
Rear Dust Cover A2203270392
W 220 Air Suspension Compressor and Repair Kits
Air Pump A220 320 0104
Valve Block A220 320 0104
Cylinder Cover A220 320 0104
Piston Ring A220 320 0104
Cable A220 320 0104
Pipe A220 320 0104
W220 Air Suspension Shock Front 2 Matic
Front Air Suspension Shock A2203202438
Up Mental Plate A2203202438
Repair Air Spring Kit A2203202438
Front Cable A2203202438
Aluminum Cover A2203202438
Piston A2203202438
Front Rubber Bladder A2203202438
Steel Tie for Dust Cover A2203202438
Copper Valve A2203202438
Inside Rubber A2203202438
Strut Mount A2203202438
Inside Cap A2203202438
Steel Clamps for Rubber Bladder A2203202438
Mental Head A2203202438
Lower Rubber isolator A2203202438


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