Double sided timing belt

Double sided timing belts afford power transmission from either side of the belt and are often used in reversing and serpentine applications.

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The double-sided pitch synchronous belt and tooth profile equivalent to a single tooth and tooth belt pitch. There is two different types, one is duplex synchronous belt tooth, a tooth with its two symmetrical arrangement, the other is duplex synchronous belt gear, with its two locations with staggered Teeth were.

Following types are available to double-sided timing belt:
D- XL  D-L  D-H  D-XH  D-XXH
D-T2.5  D-T5  D-T10  D-T20  D-AT10
D-3M  D- 5M  D- 8M  D-14M  DS-5M
DS-8M  DS-14M

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