PM section multi rib belts

PM Section V-Belts
Pitch: 9,40 mm/0,37″
Heigth: 14,35 mm /0,57″
Angle: 40 degree
Production range: Maximum 50 ribs / between 1200 mm to 16000 mm

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Where a broad range of speed ratios (up to 60 to 1) is required, multi-rib V-belts are often recommended. Belt turnover is eliminated. Additionally, multi-rib V-belts offer greater flexibility than banded V-belts for smaller pulley diameters and more compact drives. Greater belt rib to pulley groove contact gives more power transmission in less space. Multi-rib V-belts are also available with a urethane construction on special order. For PH, PJ, PK, PL section automotive and other sizes not listed, consult our Customer Care Team.

Kaibintech Rribbed belts ensure outstanding performance on any industrial multi 鈥 ribbed drive. They cover a multitude of industrial applications and are suitable for industrial drives in washing machines, textile machines, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, machine tools, medical equipments and many more. Poly Belt Advantages Extremely smooth and cool running.

Belt Size Metric Code Belt Size Metric Code Belt Size Metric Code
聽900 M 聽PM 2286 聽1550 M 聽PM 3937 聽2710 M 聽PM 6883
聽940 M 聽PM 2388 聽1610 M 聽PM 4089 聽3010 M 聽PM 7645
聽990 M 聽PM 2515 聽1650 M 聽PM 4191 聽3310 M 聽PM 8407
聽1060 M 聽PM 2692 聽1760 M 聽PM 4470 聽3610 M 聽PM 9169
聽1115 M 聽PM 2832 聽1830 M 聽PM 4648 聽3910 M 聽PM 9931
聽1150 M 聽PM 2921 聽1980 M 聽PM 5029 聽4210 M 聽PM 10693
聽1185 M 聽PM 3010 聽2130 M 聽PM 5410 聽4540 M 聽PM 11532
聽1230 M 聽PM 3124 聽2410 M 聽PM 6121 聽4810 M 聽PM 12217
聽1310 M 聽PM 3327 聽2430 M 聽PM 6172 聽5410 M 聽PM 13741
聽1390 M 聽PM 3531 聽2560 M 聽PM 6502 聽6010 M 聽PM 15265
聽1470 M 聽PM 3734 聽*All above sizes are only our usual items, other type are also available upon request.

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