V-ribbed belt

Kaibintech ribbed belt’s construction

Top Fabric
Flexible, bias cut fabric is impregnated with oil and heat resistant rubber to eliminate wear and cracking.

Insulation Rubber
Cords are encloses in an oil and heat resistant rubber compound with strong adhesive qualities for maximum cord support and long life.

Tensile Cords
High tensile strength aramid or pre-stretched polyester cords insure high horsepower capacity and constant belt tension on spring tension systems and locked center drives.

Rib Rubber
Rib rubber is reinforced with fiber chips and heat resistant rubber compound for wear resistance and reduced noise. Kaibintech ribbed belt is mainly made of CR or EPDM.

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Kaibintech ribbed belt combines the benefits of flat belt flexibility with a v-belt’s power transmission capability.

Kaibintech ribbed belts provide the ultimate in belt design for use on today’s modern engines where space and weight are critical.

Accessories can be driven from the top or bottom side of the belt enabling compact designs.
Top or backside ribs are capable of handling high load accessories.
Rubber compounds are formulated to reduce noise caused by humid conditions and worn pulleys.
Proven reliability on drives with or without automatic tensioners.

Optimum flexibility provides greater heat dissipation which insures longer operational efficiency for one belt drive systems.

Type Pitch




PH 1.60 3
PJ 2.34 4
PK 3.56 6
PL 4.70 10
PM 9.40 17

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