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Kaibintech wrapped v-belts

Wrapped V-Belt

Wrapped v belts are the most common belts used in the many industries across the world. Kaibintech wrapped v belt has a specially treated jacket to give superior anti-static, heat and oil resistant. High Quality belts and low prices.

Kaibin Rubber

Kaibin Rubber Industry Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier, which is located in Guiyang, a beautiful city in the southwest of China. It covers 120,000 square meters. Since its inception in 1991, Kaibin Rubber Industry Company have been dealing in various kinds of rubber products to diverse industries in many countries such as Canada, America, Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, South-Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, etc. From manufacturing only the [...]

Natural Rubber Prices Continue to Rise

Natural Rubber Prices Continue to Rise Recently, the natural rubber prices continue to rise.Futures market, Shanghai rubber main contract yesterday surged 3.57%, to 20310 yuan/ton, has rallied more than 40% since early November.Holdings also remain at close to 300000 highs. The spot price also strong. Natural rubber this round of price increases, the first reason is the major producer of production cuts. According to data entered,In November, flooding in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other southeast Asian production glue countries plunged, [...]

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