how to change timing belt

How to check and change timing belt

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Kaibintech brand automotive timing belt

Timing belts are an extremely important part of a car. Without it, the gas distribution and cylinder piston mechanism would not be synchronized. The belt rotates the camshaft so that the intake and exhaust valves open and close in time.

On some engine brands, timing belts are also used to drive other engine components, such as water or oil pumps. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, it is necessary to change and maintain these mechanisms when replacing the drive elements.

Unless the manufacturer specifies a different time interval, it is recommended to replace the timing belt and pulley every 15000km-20000km. Promptly replacing the timing belt before the time specified by the manufacturer ensures that the powerplant will not be severely damaged. The profile of the tooth drum must match the teeth of the timing belt.

how to replace and change timing belt on the car

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The camshaft drives the valves, while the engine pistons drive the crankshaft through a crank mechanism. The rotational speed of the camshaft and crankshaft should be constant.

In modern engines, timing belts are often used to drive other components, such as water or oil pumps. When replacing the timing belt, it is recommended to check for wear and, if necessary, replace its tension roller. They also carry heavy loads and are in constant motion, so it’s best to replace them with timing belts. In some cars, the water pump also changes with the belt.

The most common cause of a timing belt breakage is excessive wear or a blocked pulley in one of the attachments. This can damage valves, pistons and other parts of the equipment. Before replacing a drive, it’s useful to familiarize yourself with the replacement deadlines set by the automaker and stick to them closely.

Before buying a new timing belt, it is recommended to read the car’s instruction manual and determine its model, year of manufacture, type and size of engine.

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Ideally, the timing belt should be installed where it is installed, otherwise you may damage the engine. Improper transmission can cause valves and pistons to collide, making engine repairs expensive.

When installing, the manufacturer’s instructions must always be followed since the timing of the timing belt depends on the model of the car.

We must never let acidic or corrosive liquids and lubricants, chemicals enter the timing belt as they will damage its rubber base.

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How do you visually inspect and inspect a timing belt?

Regardless of which element the tensioner or idler is damaged, all of these elements must be replaced with new ones.

The service life of the timing belt depends on the operating environment, tension and the condition of the gears.

The risk of a damaged, broken or slipped timing belt should be ruled out as this prevents the piston from hitting the valve.


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