Wrapped v-belt

  • Kaibintech Hexagonal v belt


    Lawn equipments, Garden equipments, mixers, crushers, mule drives, agitators, conveyors, etc.

  • Fractional Horsepower V-belts

    The 4L and 5L sections were dimensionally similar to A and B classical belts and can operate interchangeably on A and B sheaves. However, 4L and 5L belts have a lower power rating than classical A and B section belts. The 4L and 5L were originally termed FA (fractional A) and FB (fractional B), and 3L was formerly called FO.

  • Mud Pump Drive Belt

    Application: BOMCO F Series  triplex mud pump, Oil pump, drilling rigs, cold rolling mill, Beam Pumping unit, Petroleum equipments & tools such as drilling equipments, production equipment, tubular goods, Wellhead quipments, down hole equipments, well control equipments, cementing tools etc.

  • Colored V-Belt

  • agriculture belts

    Agricultural belts for harvesters combine like John Deere, Case IH, Allis Chalmers, Ford New Holland, and more.

  • Wrapped Band V-Belt

    Kaibintech banded vbelt are designed for original equipment multiple groove pulleys.

    Kaibintech banded v-belt are specifically designed for application in which original equipment pulley drive design requires the use of two or more v-belts joined together by a common backing.

    Kaibintech banded vbelt are ideal for heavy industrial power transmission applications with vertical running shafts and large center distances. It can withstand impact loads and clutching applications.

  • Wrapped V-Belt

    Wrapped v belts are the most common belts used in the many industries across the world. Kaibintech wrapped v belt has a specially treated jacket to give superior anti-static, heat and oil resistant. High Quality belts and low prices.

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