Timing belt

  • Timing belt 121ZA18

    Kaibintech 121ZA18 Black Rubber Trapezoidal Tooth Automobile Timing Belt for VW Jetta.

  • Industrial Timing Belt

    Kaibintech synchronous belt with teeth with tooth mesh to transfer power, it is a new type of synchronous transmission mode. And, Kaibintech timing belt do not need lubrication, no slip, no pollution, less noise. The transmission efficiency of more than 98%, speed ratio range can reach 1:10, Allow linear velocity can be up to 50 m/s, transmission rate from hundreds of tile to hundreds of kw, still apply multiple spindle drive.

  • Automotive Timing Belt

    Automotive Timing Belt is used to transmit synchronous movement from one driven shaft to another.It has the feature of oil and heat resistant,aging-resistant,non-slip,small elongation and long life.

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