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Solenoid Valve Block for Audi A6 4F2, C6, A8 4E, C5 & Allroad Air Suspension Compressor Pump

Some common troubleshooting methods of air suspension

Some common troubleshooting methods of shock absorbers(air spring suspension). هیوندای پیدایش کیت تعمیر تعلیق هوا ایران Fault code: C1322-001 Y51 assembly Y51y1 (left rear solenoid valve 1) fault (left rear axle shock absorber valve unit) is the left rear shock absorber on the ADS problem, this situation needs to replace the shock absorber. Cause of problem troubleshooting: 1. Air compressor pump failure fuse-check detection of the compressor pump is working properly, check whether the fuse and relay of the air pump is normal, [...]

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