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Mercedes пневматическая подвеска автомобиля сайлентблок W 221 в голову

How long should we change the rubber mount on air suspension strut?

How do we know if the top rubber mount broken or not and how long do I need to replace the shock absorber top rubber mount?  First, Listening to the sound to see if there is any fetus. The shock absorbers of automobiles are also called “suspension spring” and are composed of springs and shock absorbers. The shock absorber is not used to support the weight of the body, but to suppress the shock of the spring rebound and the [...]

Kaibintech Auto Rubber-Air-Suspension System

The function of air suspension shock absorber

The function of air suspension shock absorber The shock absorber on the car is an important component in the car suspension system. Its function is to restrain the spring from absorbing vibration and the shock when the spring rebounds, and to absorb the impact from the road. It directly affects the ride comfort and maneuverability of the car, which in turn affects our driving safety. When the car is driving on a rough road surface, the wheel is subjected to the [...]

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Cause analysis and treatment method of automobile shock absorber oil leakage

Why cause the air spring suspension shock absorber strut oil leak and how to solve this problem? It is normal for the owner to experience a variety of car breakdowns for a long time. If the owner encounters a car shock absorber, if the oil leakage occurs, it is a very dangerous thing for the shock absorber. How should the owner handle it? Let’s take a look. Then, once oil spills are discovered, timely remedial measures are needed. The key inspection [...]

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