Raw Edge Cogged v-belt

Kaibintech cogged v-belt’s applications
specially designed to drive fans, water pumps and other accessory parts in automobile engines.
Different grooves can be profiled according to different Standard which OEM customers follow.
Suitable for all Vehicle, particularly in different engines. Such as Automotive Engines, Diesel Engine, etc.


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Kaibintech cogged v-belt mainly consists of top-layer fabric, backbone layer and bottom-layer rubber. Top-layer is composed of one or more layers of fabric, which is specially treated, abrasion, heat and oil resistant.

Kaibintech cogged v-belt’s backbone layer is composed of polyester cords. which are sufficiently solid to resist impact and stretch, yet are easy to bend. The layer also provides heat shrinkage capacity, durability and serviceability.

Kaibintech cogged v-belt’s bottom rubber layer is composed of heat and oil-resistant CR. CR in cross section, it is specially treated, contains synthetic fibers.

Kaibintech cogged v-belt’s advantages
Adopt special raw material, special formula, special craft manufacture.
Low noise, big coefficient of friction, small flection wastage, high efficiency and also a long life duration etc.
Keep better flexibility under the low temperature.
All power transmission belts are conform to nation standard request of automotive transmission.




Section AV10/9.5 AV13 AV15 AV17 20A
W 10/9.5 13 15.1 16.7 19.8
H 8 9 11 11 11.8


2V dimensions

Section W H P
2AV10 22.2 10.4 12.5
2AV13 28.7 10.5 15.7
2AV15 33.7 12.8 18.5



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