Double Bellow Air Spring

Kaibintech Air Springs give your trucks, trailers, buses and industrial machines a new high in productivity and long life. The Bellow Air Springs provide constant-level hauling, and deliver trouble-free service.

Kaibintech air bags protect cargo, and provide level hauling and long term service. The bellow air springs offer a quiet , cushioned ride, and they last longer than steel springs because there is less vibration. The driver rides in greater comfort, becomes less fatigued and stays more alert.. Plus cargo has better protection from shock and vibration.

Kaibintech Air Springs 554797C1 8003-005 7146 S-13046 AR-1520 AB7146 AS7146 AFR-1520 AB-2B14-355 90557039 CS214355 4342 1003587146C 10-97146 E-FS7146 SC2017 8003-005 10-97146 E-FS7146 AB-2B14-355 SC2017 554797C1 90557039 AR-1520 1003587146C AB7146 S-13046

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Firestone 聽7146
Contitech 聽34546
Neway 聽90557039
Ridewell 聽1003587146C
Batco 聽10-97146
Goodyear Airspg 聽2B14-351
Navistar/IHC 聽554797C1
American Carrier 聽8003-005
UCF/Impex 聽AB-2B14-355
T.W. Distribution 聽AB7146
Neway 聽AFR-1520
Neway 聽AR-1520
Dallas Spring 聽AS7146
Midland/Haldex 聽CS214355
Euclid/Meritor Aftermarket 聽E-FS7146
Conti Tech 聽FD530-22342
Euclid/Meritor Aftermarket 聽FS7146
Hendrickson Auxiliary 聽S-13046
Leland 聽SC2017

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