Triple Convoluted Air Spring

  • Kaibintech  Triple Convoluted Air Springs provide long, trouble free service, constant level hauling, quiet cushioned ride
  • Kaibintech  Triple Convoluted Air Springs is with long lasting service on almost all truck and trailer air suspensions
  • Kaibintech  Triple Convoluted Air Springs is for absorb road shock to help tractors and rigs last longer
  • Kaibintech  Triple Convoluted Air Springs cut down on vibration and driver fatigue

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Firestone W01-358-7818
Contitech FT 530-32 325
Goodyear Part Number 3B14-359
Goodyear Bellows Number 578-93-3-350
Triangle Part Number 4325
Triangle Bellows Number 6319
Granning Number 1014
Ridewell Number 1003587818C
Watson & Chalin # AS-0025
EZ Ride Number 8030180
Manufacturers Part Number W01-358-7818
MPN W01-358-7818
Firestone Bellows Number 313
Piston Number 3122
Compressed Height 4.80
Top Plate Number 3132
Top Plate Width 11.31
Piston Width 11.31

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