Wrapped v-belt

  • Fractional Horsepower V-belts

    The 4L and 5L sections were dimensionally similar to A and B classical belts and can operate interchangeably on A and B sheaves. However, 4L and 5L belts have a lower power rating than classical A and B section belts. The 4L and 5L were originally termed FA (fractional A) and FB (fractional B), and 3L was formerly called FO.

  • Mud Pump Drive Belt

    Horsepower requirements on mud pumps dictate multi-belt drives. When using high capacity drive belts, care must be taken to match the belts exactly.We recommend purchasing matched sets of belts and replacing the entire set at one time.

  • Colored V-Belt

  • agriculture belts

    Agricultural belts for harvesters combine like John Deere, Case IH, Allis Chalmers, Ford New Holland, and more.

  • Wrapped Band V-Belt

    Kaibintech banded vbelt are designed for original equipment multiple groove pulleys.

    Kaibintech banded v-belt are specifically designed for application in which original equipment pulley drive design requires the use of two or more v-belts joined together by a common backing.

    Kaibintech banded vbelt are ideal for heavy industrial power transmission applications with vertical running shafts and large center distances. It can withstand impact loads and clutching applications.

  • Wrapped V-Belt

    Wrapped v belts are the most common belts used in the many industries across the world. Kaibintech wrapped v belt has a specially treated jacket to give superior anti-static, heat and oil resistant. High Quality belts and low prices.

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