Agriculture v belt HB type

Kaibintech agriculture rubber v-belts are easy production, smooth transmission and less vibration.

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Kaibintech agriculture belt, CR chloroprene rubber and aramid (also called Kevlar) cord are used, this allows the belt to withstand high speed without losing stability. Kaibintech agriculture belt has the features of easy production,smooth transmission, less vibration and so on.

Kaibintech agricultural belts for harvester belts could be used on many different kinds of combine harvesters such as Claas, John Deere, Case IH, Allis Chalmers, New Holland, Kubota, World, Zoomline, etc.

Some metric sizes as example:

HB813 2HB1425 2HB5270 4HB2145
HB889 2HB1870 2HB4560 4HB2180
HB1422 2HB1875 2HB6380 4HB2225
HB1448 2HB2075 3HB2140 4HB2330
HB1470 2HB2080 3HB2180 4HB2440
HB1530 2HB2120 3HB2225 4HB2490
HB1582 2HB2155 3HB2565 4HB2765
HB1600 2HB2175 3HB2823 4HB2810
HB1670 2HB2375 3HB3080 4HB2860
HB1700 2HB2385 3HB3150 4HB2915
HB1850 2HB2400 3HB3155 4HB2960
HB1890 2HB2500 3HB3190 4HB3150
HB1900 2HB2628 3HB3467 4HB3725
HB1995 2HB2735 3HB3630 4HB3760
HB2000 2HB2785 3HB3660 4HB3800
HB2065 2HB2790 3HB3685 4HB3816
HB2110 2HB2810 3HB3895 4HB4150
HB2311 2HB3060 3HB3925 4HB1910
HB2337 2HB3155 3HB1255 4HB1915
HB2400 2HB3170 3HB1550 4HB1930
HB2520 2HB3210 3HB1570 4HB1941
HB2770 2HB3280 3HB1730 4HB1970
HB2790 2HB3320 3HB1830 4HB2014
HB2805 2HB3342 3HB1850 4HB2095
HB2810 2HB3375 3HB1970 4HB2130
HB3020 2HB3390 3HB2070 4HB1490
HB3124 2HB3455 4HB1495
HB3270 2HB3510 4HB1715
HB3350 2HB3535 4HB1755
HB3353 2HB3813 4HB1765
HB3505 2HB3840 4HB1850
HB3670 2HB4225 4HB1900

Above sizes are only our usual items, other size are also available upon request.


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