Fractional Horsepower V-belts

Fractional Horsepower V-belts

The 4L and 5L sections were dimensionally similar to A and B classical belts and can operate interchangeably on A and B sheaves. However, 4L and 5L belts have a lower power rating than classical A and B section belts. The 4L and 5L were originally termed FA (fractional A) and FB (fractional B), and 3L was formerly called FO.

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Fractional horsepower (FHP) bet also called “single v-belt,” or “light duty v belt”. Its applications such as furnace blowers, lawn and garden equipment, and home shop tools and so on. FHP v-belts are constructed from pre-stretched polyester cord. Designations run from 2L (the smallest) 3L, 4L to 5L (the largest). They are oil and heat resistant to insure maximum performance and life span.

These belts are constructed of specially engineered, high performance components and are manufactured using the latest belt technology including helically wound tensile cords and pre-stretched polyester material.



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