Agricultural v belt hc type

Agricultural v belt hc type

Kaibintech agriculture belt has the features of easy production, smooth transmission, less vibration and so on. 

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Kaibintech agriculture belt, CR chloroprene rubber and aramid (also called Kevlar) cord are used, this allows the belt to withstand high speed without losing stability. Kaibintech agriculture belt has the features of easy production,smooth transmission, less vibration and so on.
Some sizes for example:

HC1360 HC1778 HC2074 HC2516 HC3060 2HC1975 3HC1735 4HC1800
HC1370 HC1788 HC2090 HC2556 HC3140 2HC2063 3HC1750 4HC2030
HC1425 HC1825 HC2110 HC2570 HC3195 2HC2095 3HC1786 4HC2120
HC1453 HC1855 HC2130 HC2600 HC3200 2HC2120 3HC1915 4HC2495
HC1473 HC1875 HC2158 HC2630 HC3251 2HC2160 3HC1980 4HC2830
HC1522 HC1895 HC2260 HC2636 HC3280 2HC2175 3HC2015 4HC3025
HC1550 HC1900 HC2280 HC2653 HC3310 2HC2340 3HC2025 4HC3410
HC1560 HC1905 HC2300 HC2660 HC3320 2HC2683 3HC2040 4HC3816
HC1575 HC1915 HC2310 HC2670 HC3530 2HC3210 3HC2060 4HC3830
HC1600 HC1950 HC2345 HC2760 HC3535 2HC4194 3HC2070 4HC4010
HC1670 HC1990 HC2362 HC2805 HC3400 2HC5085 3HC2100 5HC2595
HC1680 HC2020 HC2385 HC2820 HC3442 2HC5231 3HC2160
HC1690 HC2025 HC2388 HC2850 HC3550 2HC5280 3HC2280
HC1700 HC2032 HC2422 HC2920 HC3966 3HC2310
HC1723 HC2055 HC2470 HC2965 HC4064 3HC2730
HC1770 HC2060 HC2485 HC2972 3HC3090
HC1775 HC2065 HC2490 HC3030
HC2070 HC2510 HC3040


Above sizes are only our usual items, other size are also available upon request.


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