Kaibintech harvester drive belts

Imported aramid cord with Kaibintech’s unique formula and producing process is used in Kaibintech harvester belts. The main materials of Kaibintech harvester belts are used the high temperature resistance, high oil resistance, high abrasion resistance, framework materials use the special aramid cord and CR rubber, which completely satisfied with the requirement of all kinds of harvester special using, the quality has become the top advanced all over the world. It has the features of easy production, smooth transmission, less vibration and so on.

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Main types of harvester belts: SB,SC,9JL,HB,HC,HI,HK,HL,HM,HD,HO,5V,8V,SPB,SPC etc.
Application: Wheat Harvester machines, Corn Harvester machines and Rice Harvester machines such as John Deer, Kubota, Yanmar, Fukuda leiwo, Zoomlion etc.

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