Kaibintech’s happy time

On the International Labor Day, in order to relieve employees’ work pressure and enrich their amateur cultural life, KAIBINTECH (KAIBIN RUBBER INDUCTRY CO., LTD) organized a 5-day tour to Sichuan-Tibet-Qinghai on May 1. The company leaders attached great importance to this tourism activity, and gave attention and guidance from itinerary selection, time arrangement, material allocation to personnel.

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At 7 o’clock in the morning on May 1st, we took the plane arranged by the company and departed from Guiyang. Along the way, everyone was chatting and laughing, and couldn’t restrain their excitement. After arriving at the destination, we visited the four major tourist areas including Jiuzhaigou, Yang Maiyong Snow Mountain, Potala Palace, Dunhuang and some other famous place. The picturesque scenery and the beautiful friendship between colleagues have left deep memories for everyone.

This tour has brought closer feelings among employees, deepened friendship, created an atmosphere of unity and upward progress, strengthened the cohesion and centripetal force of the KAIBINTECH team, embodied the company’s people-oriented philosophy, and enabled employees to broaden their horizons and cultivate The sentiment is strengthened, and the sense of honor as a long-time Chinese is enhanced.

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