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how to change timing belt

How to check and change timing belt Kaibintech brand automotive timing belt Timing belts are an extremely important part of a car. Without it, the gas distribution and cylinder piston mechanism would not be synchronized. The belt rotates the camshaft so that the intake and exhaust valves open and close in time. On some engine brands, timing belts are also used to drive other engine components, such as water or oil pumps. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, it is necessary to change [...]

Kaibintech synchronous Belts

The difference between an automotive timing belt and an industrial timing belt

Kaibintech sales team have often been asked by customers recently whether your sync belt can be used in a car. Let us tell you the difference between a auotmotive timing belt and an industrial timing belt! The timing belt that drives the camshaft of an automobile engine was originally used in the United States with a H-shaped toothed tooth in a trapezoidal tooth. Later, in order to meet the requirements of large load changes, high speed and narrow transmission space, a special [...]

What Is the Difference Between a Timing Belt and a Timing Chain?

Timing chains serve the same purpose as a belt, but usually lasts quite a bit longer. Some manufacturers suggest replacing it at certain intervals, but others state that it will last as long as the car itself. The timing chain looks similar to a bicycle chain, and as you might expect, it’s noisier than a belt. The other problem with timing chains is that if they do break, they’ll usually cause a lot more damage than a broken belt. [...]

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How often should I replace my timing belt?

Always refer to your maintenance book when determining when to replace your timing belt. The general range is every 60,000 -100,000 miles. However, it’s better to replace your timing belt before it snaps because then it will damage your engine and require you to spend even more money.

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What does the timing belt do?

The timing belt has the main responsibility to synchronize the camshaft and crankshaft to allow the fuel to ignite in the combustion chamber. In order for this process to take place, valves and pistons need to be in the correct position. Without a timing belt, the car will not be able to start.

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