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Solenoid Valve Block for Jaguar XJ XJR Air Suspension Compressor

working principle of solenoid valve blocks

What’s the working principle of the air suspensiom compressor pump solenoid valve blocks? Solenoid Valve Block for Range Rover Sport LR3 LR4 shock absorber Compressor The valve block controls the charging and exhausting of the working cylinder according to the pressure change in the pipe, and realizes the braking and pressure maintenance of the locomotive through the function of the change valve and the working valve Or ease. Solenoid Valve Block for Mercedes W212 W251 GL class X164 ML class W164 Air [...]

air suspension crimping machine air spring hydrulic hose crimper shock absorber rubber hose rubber sleeve crimping equipment

How does a air suspension crimping machine work?

How to crimp an air spring (shock absorber) rubber sleeve with steel crimping rings with a hydraulic crimping machine? 1). Working principle of air suspension shock absorber crimping machine The oil pump is installed in the oil tank and immersed in the hydraulic oil to achieve the purpose of scientific heat dissipation and mute design. The oil pump is driven by the motor to output hydraulic oil and push the plunger in the withholding cylinder to move, causing the mold base [...]

Mercedes Benz W166 front Air Spring Suspension Shock Absorber Repair Kits

Important function of air suspension strut

Important function of an air shock absorber on the passenger car The car consists of several different parts, each of which has specific functions. The car suspension system is one of the most important parts of the car, which consists of several parts, one of which is the shock absorber. The car shock absorber plays a crucial role in its balance and safety. Shock absorbers also play a key role in the health of the wheels, brakes and the health of [...]

خراسان رضوی کمک فنر بنز ,اصفهان تعمیر کمک فنر جنسیس,تبریز کمک فنر بنز,کمک جنسیس, کمک فنر جنسیس,عمده فروشی تهران کمک فنرجلو

Hyundai Genesisi Front Air Suspension

Kaibintech Genesis sedan front shock absorber خراسان رضوی کمک فنر بنز ,اصفهان تعمیر کمک فنر جنسیس,تبریز کمک فنر بنز,کمک جنسیس, کمک فنر جنسیس,عمده فروشی تهران کمک فنرجلو The shock absorbers play an important role in providing the necessary comfort for their occupants. By using the laws of physics, these devices have a duty to somehow fight gravity. A defect in this part can cause an unpleasant experience. With the introduction of the Genesis sedan’s front shock absorber, we help you, the [...]

خراسان رضوی کمک فنر بنز ,اصفهان تعمیر کمک فنر جنسیس,تبریز کمک فنر بنز,کمک جنسیس, کمک فنر جنسیس,عمده فروشی تهران کمک فنرجلو

What is an air spring

نظام التعليق الهوائي (تبختر الهواء ، زنبرك الهواء) Air suspension (air spring) Car air suspension is a type of suspension, with which it is possible to adjust the clearance (body height relative to the roadway). Currently, air suspension is quite widely used on trucks and semi-trailers. Cars are also equipped with air suspension, but this applies to a greater extent to business class cars. In the air suspension, pneumatic supports on each wheel are used as elastic elements. It is worth noting [...]

Rubber sleeve bladder for air suspension on Nissan Armada Infiniti QX56

Continental enter into China air suspension market

On June 29, 2020, Continental Group held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new factory for electronic air suspension systems in Changshu. The new plant covers a total area of ​​more than 13,500 square meters and is expected to be officially put into operation in the second quarter of 2021. This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Continental’s entry into the Chinese market. The technology company Continental has been actively committed to providing assistance to China’s travel and development by mobilizing [...]


Air suspension problems of Porsche Panamera

Porsche Paramera reports air suspension system failure Panamera-Air-Suspension-Parts-Conversion-Kits-Panamera-Shock-Core The vehicle can not be raised, read the fault code, and found that the air pump is working all the time. Obviously there is a leak, which leads to the lack of pressure in the feedback of air pressure. After the air pump is working, it will lead to the air pump. High temperature will enter the thermal protection, that is to say. Once the air leaks, the air spring becomes useless. top strut [...]

BMW X5 E53 Airmatic Pneumatines pakabos amortizatoriu Luftfederbeine Reparatursätze Gummiblase

Is it necessary to change a new original shock absorber?

How to save money when replace a failure shock absorber on BMW We often hear BMW owners mention: BMW 730 shock absorption collapsed, BMW 5 Series gt air suspension leak, BMW 750li rear air spring leak, BMW 730 rear shock absorber air leak, BMW 750 rear strut shock leak and other problems with the shock absorber.   air suspension repair kits buffer block(bump stop, rubber buffer) for BMW F01 and F02 air spring repairing After the shock absorption collapsed, first check that there [...]

Panamera Rear Air Suspension Bag Repair Kit Dust Cover Boot

Porsche Panamera reports suspension system problem

Air suspension system failure on Porsche Panamera The vehicle cannot be raised, read the fault code, and found that the air pump is always working. It is obvious that there is a leak in the air, which causes the air pressure to continue to be insufficient. After the air pump is working, it will cause the air pump At high temperatures, it goes into thermal protection, that is to say. As soon as air leaks, the air springs fail. top strut mount(Сайлентблок) for [...]

rubber-bladder-sleeve-hose for-air-suspension-air-spring-strut-repair-kit


HOW TO REPAIR AN AIR SUSPENSION? Air suspension repair kits on Kaibintech Regardless of whether the car owner needed the air suspension repair (full or partial), the most appropriate solution would be to seek the help of experienced and highly qualified craftsmen with access to the equipped room and all the necessary materials. To get a quick, inexpensive and high-quality repair, the driver can use our online platform: you just need to apply for the required auto services and choose the [...]

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