Raw Edge Laminated v-belt

Raw Edge Laminated v-belt

Kaibintech laminated belt is the workhorse of the heavy-duty industry and is designed to deliver extended life in the most-demanding diesel applications. Polyester cords within the belt provide maximum power transfer and tension-holding capability for the life of the belt. The laminated construction in the Kaibintech laminated belt helps absorb greater shock loads associated with diesel engines.

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Kaibintech Laminated v-belt’s construction

– Top cover fabric
– Top cushion rubber
– Adhesion rubber
– Tension member
– Compression rubber
– Laminate fabric

Kaibintech Laminated v-belt’s markets/applications
– Automotive industries(IC Engine, cooling Pump, water pump, compressor, alternator, etc.)
– General Engineering industries
– Agriculture industries

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