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BERLIN – Car enthusiasts are not only satisfied with the interior of the car salon and are not satisfied with the entertainment, despite its importance, as well as the speed with which young motorists are fascinated. The first thing they care about is safety and safety.

The car suspension system is one of the most important factors affecting passenger safety and offering the right options for passengers according to their personal needs. The car suspension systems have reached new stages of development based on modern technologies and sensors that monitor driving positions and road conditions continuously and adjust shock absorbers accordingly. For different positions in the streets.

The suspension system is compatible with various brands such as BSC, DCC, Manitec Raid, or Active Paddle Control, and its main idea is to adjust the shock absorber’s rigidity or to perform the procedure automatically according to the driving position, Which gives the passenger more comfort or more athletic performance while providing more safety and safety while driving, but these modern technologies increase costs while increasing the weight of the car, which is not in the interest of fuel consumption.

Helmut Klein, an expert at the technical center at the German Auto Club, said that this new technology has given the car many of the features that are related to safety and comfort. The German expert said that the technique ensures the passenger to provide the highest comfort in terms of vibration of the body of the car and the tendency to swing in turns, which affects the carrying of the wheels and the carrying of tires and thus the safety of the passenger in general, while the suspension systems adapt this balance to Somewhat.

The motion and suspension systems have active and latent systems, depending on whether they are independently adapted to driving conditions or that the driver makes the process himself and selects the appropriate system from among the options available. This is done in the Audi models through the function of “Drive Select” and with Mercedes through Agility Select and with BMW through the key to fun driving.

New technologies offer the highest comfort with regard to body vibration and swing in turns. The shock absorber contains an electronically controlled valve to regulate the flow of oil, and according to the amount of oil flowing from the shock absorber to the other, the absorber’s hardness is determined, as well as the tubular properties of the absorbent .

The German company Audi said that the system known as “Manitech Raid” offers a similar effect, as the oil contains microscopic magnetic particles that are directed under the effort to prevent the flow through the channels of the piston.

One of the advantages of these systems, as well as providing more safety factors is to give the driver the possibility of adapting the system of driving while driving according to desire, whether sports or other according to his personal preferences.

The standards of comfort or mathematical features offered by the suspension differ from one company to another and from one category to another. For example, Mercedes focuses on the comfort of the Magic Control Paddy system, where stereo cameras scan the path of the car and give the data to the steering system to adjust each unit of the vehicle’s shock absorber as needed, whether hard or soft, which is It helps tremendously to feel the leader of the car with as little track as possible.

Because Porsche’s interest is primarily in sporting characteristics, its Porsche Active Sensing System (PASM) continuously adjusts the impact of the shock absorber according to the driving style and road condition.

The standards of comfort or mathematical features offered by the suspension differ from one company to another and from one category to another
In addition, adjustments are made between the “comfortable sports” driving mode and the “tougher sports” position by a button on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Helmut Klein of the German Auto Club said that the spread of suspension systems is limited to the position of comfortable and sporty driving, where the design of the springs primarily depends on the carrying axle and wheels and how to make a distribution of these loads. The track design of the springs is either large or small, which makes them move in a tight frame.

“The only thing that is adjusted is shock absorbers, not springs,” said expert Koss Eihl.

On the other hand, adaptive suspension systems have some drawbacks. These types of systems need more installation space than normal suspension groups.

هیوندای پیدایش کیت تعمیر تعلیق هوا تبریز

هیوندای پیدایش کیت تعمیر تعلیق هوا ایران

The biggest downside is the complex design of these shock absorbers, which is reflected in their high prices starting at about € 1,000 more on the price of the car.

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