The problems of air suspension Audi Q7, VW Touareg

One of the problems of air suspension Audi Q7, VW Touareg and its simple solution.

We are talking about residual pressure valves in air matic supports, under the numbers: 7L0 616 813 B – front and 7L0 616 814 B – rear.
According to Wagov’s service documentation, these valves are needed when the pneumatic line is damaged to maintain minimum pressure in the air strut so that it can continue moving without the risk of damaging the rubber sleeve of the cylinder; on the other hand, in severe Russian conditions, the front valves continuously rotten through, releasing air and providing increased humidity in the air suspension system , the rear sour, thereby disabling the function of regulating the level of the air suspension.
Do I need such insurance against damage to cylinders – everyone will find his answer to this question, but I can say that during my long practice of working with pneumatic systems I have never encountered damage to pneumatic strut on Audi Q7 and VW Tuareg, in other cases the duplicate valve in the air compressor works fine, also leaving a residual pressure of 3-3.5 bar in the system.

Here, otfotkal another bit, came to eliminate this problem.

Tuareg-front air spring rubber sleeve

Tuareg-front air spring rubber sleeve

The car came from afar under its own power on the bump stops, during the inspection it was found that the front pillar valve had rotten off and just fell off, the pressure in the balloon was atmospheric, the rubber sleeve should twist, zazhravatsya, tear and other horror stories, but in practice nothing of this happens . The rack under the weight of the bulkhead is tightly packed on the bump stop of the shock absorber and the destructive movement of the empty cylinder sleeve does not occur.
The remains of the valve must be unscrewed from the cylinder; this is the most important part of the work, since The metal of the valve is soft, it breaks easily and crumbles, it is especially not possible to catch on and you can easily get on removing the stand, dismantling it and drilling out the remains with an unpredictable result. Therefore, thoroughly clean the dirt and oxides around the landing valve, spill deoxidizing agents, wait, then unscrew. I use a blunt zubiltsami and extractor.
Around the hole it is necessary to clean everything and process for the future with an anticorrosive agent, put a plug from dirt in the hole and clean it to the metal.
Then just pull up the pneumatic tube with the fitting closer to the cylinder, its progress there with a margin and twist without a valve, the thread is the same.
At the very end of the work, Vasya needs to pump up the airmatic according to login 08367, without lowering the car from the jack-lift (without loading the axles with empty cylinders, otherwise you can hush up the rubber sleeve of the cylinder). It is necessary. To do this, we go to the 34th controller, erase errors, enter 08367 in the “login” field, then select the group 24 in the basic settings (pump the front axle) – turn on (the on-off button in the upper right corner of the window), wait until it is full, turn off. Or group 25 (pumping the rear axle), with it all the same operations.
That’s all. This problem is over forever).

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