When should you replace your timing belt?

Vehicle manufacturers recommend “timing belt” replacement typically every six years or 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Failing to replace your “timing belt” can result in complete breakdown or serious engine failure. Generally, “timing belt problems” give no warning. There is no squeak, rattle or noise that will let you know it’s time. Timing on your engine must be exact or the valves and pistons may collide, resulting in very expensive engine repairs. Don’t let this happen to you! Talk with [...]

What is an air spring for?

Air spring is load-carrying component of an air suspension system used on machines,trucks, buses, trailers, and vans. A system used on buses consists of an air compressor, an air-supply tank, leveling valves, check valves, bellows, and connecting piping.

sample is free of charge

From now on, our rubber bladder(rubber sleeve) for air spring sample is free of charge! You need to pay its shipping cost only. For details, Please contact us.

Why we have minimum order quantity?

Why we have minimum order quantity? As to the raw edged v belt including REC, REL, REP and timing belt, we need to cut each piece from a roll(sleeve) as below. We have to produce at least one roll(sleeve) at one time. A roll/sleeve has following quantity. That is why we have MOQ. If we have ready in stock, we can supply it. Then no need to produce a roll(sleeve).


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Kaibin Rubber In Automechanika Shanghai

Kaibin Rubber In Automechanika Shanghai, Automechanika Shanghai (China), the world’s second largest brand trade fair for automotive parts, equipment and automotive service suppliers is held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (NECC), China from 29th Nov. to 2nd Dec. 2017. Automechanika Shanghai 2017 covers the products of Parts & Components, Electronics & Systems, Accessories & Customising, Repair & Maintenance, Alternative Drive Systems & Digital Solutions, Dealer & Workshop Management, Car Wash, Care & Reconditioning, etc. Automechanika Shanghai 2017 is expected to attract 130,000 visitors from 140 countries [...]

Rubber sleeve for passenger car air spring

Customer receive their order from our company today. It is another batch of rubber sleeve for passenger car air spring from Kaibintech. Recently, more and more customers purchase rubber bellow for following air springs: 164 320 60 13 164 Front 164 320 10 25 164 Rear 251 320 30 13 251 Front 220 320 24 38 220 Front 221 320 55 13 221 320 56 13 221 Rear 166 320 13 13 166 320 25 13 166 Front 221 320 49 13 221 Front 3712 6750 355 E53 Rear 3712 6750 356 E53 Rear 37106790078 E70 Rear 37106781827 F07  Rear 220 320 21 38 220 [...]

A Successful Canton Fair

We are pleased to receives several orders from Canton Fair this time. One order is 100 pieces of air spring W01-358-9781, it is from a regular USA customer. Another order is 500 pieces of air spring 945N, It is from a regular Vietnam customer. And the other order is 40000 pieces of Kaibintech wrapped v-belt from a new customer from Russia. Moreover, we meet many new customers this time. I hope the order will get more and more in [...]

Fall sale – Attractive Price for Colored V-belt

Kaibintech color v-belts are designed for fractional horsepower or light weight belting applications such as sewing machines, washing machines, lawn mowers, etc. Color: white, red, green, gray, brown. FNow we have special price for white v belts. Only 0.3USD/PC.  

Components Of Kaibintech Air Springs

Kaibintech Air Springs are usually made from Flexible Member (Rolling Lobe), top cover, bottom piston(steel piston, aluminum piston, plastic piston), Lower Retainer, Stud, Combination Stud/ Air Fitting, Girdle Ring(convoluted type) and Internal Rubber Bumper (Optional), etc.

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