Air spring failure modes and effects analysis

When does the airbag fail and its air spring failure analysis

If the pneumatic cylinder suspension has lost its tightness, then it can already be assumed that it will be necessary to replace the air strut. It would seem, the air spring failed, and already broken? Repair? on other elements of air suspension. Ultimately, the increased load caused by a fracture balloon not eliminated in time leads to the failure of the air compressor. Repair is generally not the cheapest and most enjoyable event, so it would be logical to treat with attention to any, even small, air suspension malfunction!

air spring failure modes and effects analysis

air spring failure modes

Types of wear to which the membranes are subject to:

Fatigue wear. All air bellows are subject to this type of wear, as this is a natural process. Most often, wear of this type occurs closer to the end of the resource described element. The essence of the problem: due to the air spring suspension strut loads that the pneumatic balloon is subjected to, the surface of the rubber sleeve bladder covered with cracks, sooner or later a gap occurs in these problem areas.

Abrasive wear. If the car owner did not protect the air suspension from dirt and salts, then particles that fall between the pneumatic suspension and the piston easily lead to premature wear of the elements.

Corrosive wear. It looks like an abrasive wear, however, it is associated not with mechanical damage, but with the appearance of rust on the elements of air suspension.

What to do to keep the pneumatic suspension cylinders last as long as possible? Regular washing with the subsequent processing of air spring with special compounds will help to preserve the integrity of the rubber bladder of unprotected air strut. Another option – installation a protective cylinder on the air bellows.

About any of the described procedures (rubber sleeve replacement or air spring repair kits replacement and cleaning of air spring suspension) you can learn in detail from our sales representative or dealer. The cost of working with air balloons can be clarified. The price is reasonable and services is best; discounts will be taken into account when making a preliminary calculation.

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