Fake ADS or real ones restored in your air suspension

Non-original analogs of air suspension parts or original ones restored using factory technology.

What to choose – let’s figure it out:
The bearing parts of the original air bellows are made of high quality metal and correspond to the seat. These cylinders do not knock or creak.

ADS is Adaptive Dampening System

ADS, Adaptive Dampening System

Rubber sleeve and other air suspension repair kits are made of expensive materials with a long service life. The ADS(Adaptive Dampening System) block of the “originals” allows you to ride in sports modes, comfort – by adjusting the stiffness of the shock absorbers. Airmatic system is used for adjusting air pressure in strut air bag to dampen the bump. In non-original counterparts, you can forget about the modes, since instead of the ADS block there is a stub, it does not allow you to regulate anything.

Pay attention to the internal structure of the air suspension strut – the original on the right, the analog on the left. Having cut the shock absorbers, even a non-professional will notice that the analogue is not able to ensure the correct operation of the suspension as it was intended as below.

Adaptive Dampening System

Airmatic system is used for adjusting air pressure in strut air bag to dampen the bump.

Original remanufactured air spring suspension parts in Kaibinttech are provided with an official warranty up to 2 years.

A professionally restored team – will serve you no less than the original, and most likely longer, since reinforced components of the well-known brand Kaibintech are used during restoration.

The price of remanufactured air suspension parts is three times lower than new dealer parts. The cost of the so-called “American”, “German” and other “European” manufacturers, actually assembled in Russia, is similar in price to the remanufactured ones.

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